Exodus 40:1-38

When we intentionally and consistently make our minds and bodies a temple for God, preparing ourselves as a place for him to rule…and when our hearts are cleansed of sin, through repentance….then, he has a place of honor in our lives. Then, he is pleased and takes up residence. Then, he is fully present in our journey (protecting and guiding), just as he was for Moses and the Israelites.

Because of Jesus, God’s tabernacle is no longer made of curtains and acacia wood, but of flesh and blood.

God’s residence in my heart and soul is not a magic ticket to escape heartache or sickness or wrong turns. The Israelites continued to experience all of these things. But it is a powerful compass, pointing me to the big picture. Reminding me that this day – this life – is a dot on an eternal timeline. And this doesn’t mean my days are insignificant, but that they are far more significant to an eternal plan, than to any momentary pleasure.

The principles of worship and communion, set up in Exodus, are just as relevant today. Jesus changed the logistics, but God and our relationship with him remains the same.

We are precious to him and he wants to fellowship with us. Every step matters to him and he wants to guide us. The condition of our hearts matter to him and he wants us to sacrifice selfish desires and bad choices…to surrender them into his forgiving arms.

What a beautiful picture Exodus paints of God’s desire to be near his people…near us. We are holy and dearly loved.  Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. And he guides us in Truth.

May my heart, mind and body always be inviting to God’s Spirit. May he always find a warm welcome, a humble heart, listening ears, and feet that are willing to follow.