Exodus 34:1-35

When Moses returned from 40 days on the mountaintop, his face was so radiant that people didn’t even recognize him. The King James Version says that the skin of his face shone. And here’s the interesting thing: he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord. (vs.29)  He didn’t even know.

I wonder why that is. It seems there would have been some sort of physical sensation to accompany such an intense ‘glow.’  But he was completely unaware.

His time spent with God changed him. And not just his understanding or his attitude, but his physical appearance. He was literally reflecting God glory.

The thing I find so interesting is that it was a complete and utter bi-product. It wasn’t about showing off his spirituality or proving anything to the Israelites. It wasn’t something he asked for or planned. But it was undeniable.

Honest, surrendered time with God changes us – inside and out. Our skin may not glow, but I know people who love Jesus and their countenance shows it. There is just something about them that makes others feel loved and valued. And my guess is that they are as unaware of their positive aura as Moses was, the day he returned from the mountaintop. It’s simply a bi-product of time spent talking and listening to God.

Jesus, light me up inside and out. Not to impress anyone or make myself feel good, but to be a vessel of your encouragement…forgiveness…hope…truth…and love.