Exodus 19:1-25

I wonder. Is God just another source of guidance for me? Just another source of comfort? Just another someone to please?

In my head, these are ridiculous questions. But deep in my heart, in the context of this chapter and the grind of every-day-life, they are real. And they need to be asked. When was the last time my ‘mountain’ shook and ‘fire’ burned?

I spend so much time thinking about how other people see me…what they think about me…how they need me to act. But God says, obey my voice and keep my covenant – be the person I want you to be – and then you will be a special treasure. (vs.6)

Unlike God’s covenant with the Israelites, that day on Mount Sinai, his covenant with me is Jesus. He loves me so much that he sent Jesus to die for my sin – my selfishness, my failures, my overthinking, my irrational thoughts, my childish behavior, my mixed-up priorities, my greed, my…my….my….my. He died, that I might live…eternally treasured.

Instead of exhausting myself to earn the favor of people on earth, Exodus Nineteen is a clear reminder to shut out the clamor of the world…to rest in the consuming fire of God’s presence and in the wisdom of his Word. When he is my source of guidance and comfort…when he is the one I strive to please…the rest will take care of itself.