Exodus 11:1 – 12:51

And he will not allow the destroyer to enter your houses and strike you down. (vs.12:23) What a promise!

Some symbolism in scripture is obscure (like eating bread without yeast) but this one is crystal clear: just as the Israelites are saved by the blood of lambs, we are saved by the blood of the Lamb…Jesus. In Exodus Eleven and Twelve, the Lord makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel  (vs.11:7). Today, he distinguishes between those who trust in the blood of his Son and those trust in false gods. And this distinction is the whole difference between death and life.

So here’s the question. Am I (figuratively) painting blood on my doorframe with the sole hope of escaping physical death…the hope of a comfortable eternity? Or am I continually covering myself in the blood of Jesus, knowing that he is the only source of life…in every sense?

I want to be protected from the destroyer. Don’t we all? We want to be free of bad habits, of depression, of physical ailments, of emotional pain and harmful relationships. But Jesus is so much more than a get out of death free card. He is the Savior of our souls. The Healer of our bodies. And the Strength of our minds. His blood never fails. Never.


I absolutely love how everything in scripture, even and especially the Old Testament, centers on the love and healing found through the blood of Jesus. From the Garden to the plagues, everything points to the cross.

May I live like it today, God. May everything in my life point to you. And may I trust wholy in the blood of Jesus to protect me from the plans of the destroyer…and to give me abundant life.