Exodus 8:1-31

Why frogs? And why in the world does Pharaoh procrastinate their removal?

Ironically, frogs were sacred in the Egyptian culture, representing the god of fertility, and couldn’t be killed. So here they are. Millions of them; in their houses, on their beds and in their bread. Nauseating. And though Pharaoh’s magicians used sorcery to produce more frogs, they were powerless to get rid of them.

Here’s the part that makes me chuckle…and makes me think:

Pharaoh: Moses, please pray to the Lord to take the frogs away.

Moses: When?

Pharaoh: Tomorrow.

Really? Tomorrow? But here’s the thing. As disgusting as it was, Pharaoh was willing to put-off the solution; seemingly conflicted between his sacred view of frogs and the hope of being clean. So we read this and think, Oh Pharaoh. You’re such an idiot. 

But wait.

Don’t I do the same thing? Clinging to the stench of things that are contrary to God’s best for me, wishing to be cleansed…tomorrow.

We wish-away disgusting habits (over-eating, laziness, gossip, lies, pornography, gambling…the list goes on). We’re done with it! Please God, take it away…tomorrow. The conflict between holding “it” as sacred and desperately wanting to be clean is so real.

Cleanse me to today, God, and remove the stench. You are completely powerful and able to bring about the change I want – the change I need – as I trust YOU daily. May I be continually reminded of the power you showed in Exodus; the power to annihilate that which I’m willing to surrender.