Exodus 7:1-25

Moses and Aaron know, before they ever go to Pharaoh, that he won’t listen to them. They know, before ever turning the entire water supply to blood, that Pharaoh won’t be impressed. But they’re told to go anyway.

What an exercise in futility. Or is it? Even though they go – knowing the battle is lost before it’s even fought – God assures them that the war is won. The loss is merely a means to an end. And the end? Leaving no doubt in the minds of the Egyptians (or the Israelites) that God is the Lord, and it’s by his hand that the Hebrews are freed. (vs.5)

When our boys were young, Remember the Titans was a VHS staple. At the height of the movie, Yoast tells his defense – and then coach Boone, “You make sure they remember forever, the night they played the Titans….Run it up Herman. Leave no doubt.”

Seems to me, this is exactly what God told Moses. His plan was for us (not just pharaoh or the living generation of Hebrews) to to remember forever, that the Lord – the one and only God of the universe – defeated Pharaoh. Without a doubt. Not Moses, or sorcery, or human manipulation.

He had the power and ability to free them instantly and without Pharaoh’s consent…but he didn’t. He chose to make a statement that would live far beyond Moses. Far beyond the days of Exodus.

What statement are you trying to make in my life, God? What am I being asked to do, that seems an exercise in futility? Show me. And give me the strength to endure, believing without a doubt that you are in charge and that you have a clear and perfect purpose.