Exodus 4:1-31

Let’s just get something straight. God asks me to pick a snake up by the tail, and I’m going to ask questions too!

Seriously though…wouldn’t it be something to have such an audible, face-to-face, miraculous encounter with God? I know it’s not spiritually-correct to say such a thing. I mean, we have the power of the Holy Spirit living in us and speaking to us…empowering us to experience God’s presence in a personal way. (Thank you, Jesus, for this.) But to throw a staff on the ground and see it become a snake, then to pick it up and see it instantly become a staff again. To see and feel your hand, instantly covered in disease, then instantly healed. To hear God’s voice giving audible and detailed instructions.

I don’t know. It’s difficult to even type it because I can feel the judgment: You mean you haven’t heard God’s voice? You haven’t seen his miracles? Yes. Yes I have. But not like Moses.

There, I said it…Not like Moses.

God, forgive my lack of faith. I’m so grateful for the mercy you show to me in the story of Moses. He had every physical assurance of your presence and power…yet still he doubted. Still he argued. And still you showed him kindness…giving him everything he “needed” to carry-out your plan.

You are the same God today, working through me. Help me to live like it. May I step out in faith, walking boldly in your power to fulfill your perfect plan…no matter how difficult. No matter how inconvenient. No matter how uncomfortable.