Exodus 3:1-22

I’d like to think that if I saw a burning bush in my backyard and heard God’s voice in it – calling me by name – that I wouldn’t argue. It seems an awesome enough experience that Moses would’ve believed anything that was said. Or…he would’ve run away in fear and disbelief. But he lands somewhere in the middle, and it sets up a very interesting relationship between he and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The physical presence of the Lord isn’t enough to stop Moses from focusing on his insecurities and doubts. That amazes me. I mean, in the twenty-first century, surrounded by anti-God noise and corruption, it’s easy for our insecurities to get in the way. But I’m sure that if my lilac bush began burning with God’s Spirit and conversing with me by name, it would instantly wipe away any doubt. Wouldn’t it?

Or maybe human doubt-and-insecurity is such a powerful thing here on earth that even the grandest encounter with God doesn’t remove it. Maybe it’s necessary. In fact, maybe it’s the very thing God uses to accomplish his work through us, proving that it is him who has the victory and not us.

So here’s the million dollar question. When doubt and insecurities are absent, is my task really big enough? If my life is composed of comfortable moments and easy endeavors, maybe I’m missing something bigger. Are there things God’s asking of me that are simply too uncomfortable to notice…or to take seriously?

God, you are present is in my heart every day, every moment. You are speaking. But am I listening? Is my schedule dictated by your voice? Is my budget a reflection of your desires?

Help me to hear and accept the difficult things you call me to. You are the same God today as you were on the mountain with Moses. And just like you empowered him to carry-out your calling, you empower me. Just as you walked beside him through the fight, you walk beside me. You remain the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…and your power in me is far greater than any doubt and any insecurity.