Exodus 2:1-25

Moses clearly demonstrates that he has a heart for justice, and a heart for his people of origin, the Hebrews. There is a natural and strong protective quality about him that drives him to kill the Egyptian and rescue the seven sisters in Midian. Though he was surely taught in the finest Egyptian schools, raised in the greatest luxury, and esteemed as part of the royal family, there remains a deep connection to his humble Hebrew birthright.

It’s almost like God destined Moses to be the liberator of the Israelites. Oh wait. He did. Of course, he did!

When God knit Moses together in his mother’s womb he equipped him for his earthly calling [Palm 139:13-16]…not necessarily in skill, but in temperament. The person to stand against Pharaoh – the harshest of dictators – needed to be driven by justice. The person to lead millions (yes, millions) of Hebrews on a long and turbulent journey through the dessert needed a natural love for them, motivated by a dynamic protective nature.

What has God equipped me for? Though my calling may not seem as grand as that of Moses, it is no less significant. And I don’t want to miss it.

God, thank you for the amazing guarantee that my personality…my heart…my natural strengths are no accident. They were woven together for a wonderful and specific purpose…your purpose. May my life honor your handiwork. And my actions accomplish your perfect plan.