Exodus 1:1-22.

So, it’s been 400 years since God first promised Abraham that his descendants would multiply exceedingly and become nations….from one child (Isaac), born to elderly parents (Abraham & Sarah), to hundreds of thousands living in Egypt. God’s Word allows us to witness this promises fulfilled…to see hundreds of years of history, held in a nutshell.

And then there is the prosperity and inspiration of Joseph. He was a man who people obviously respected and greatly loved. He was dignified, wise, merciful…and forgotten.

If one thing shouts the loudest in Exodus One, it’s that we are such a grain of sand, in the vast ocean of time. The events of today are no more tragic, no less joyous, than any other time in history.

For millennia, people have been celebrating…and sinning. For millennia, the people of earth have been desperately trying to find success and fulfillment, with and without God. Such great men and women have lived. So many amazing events have taken place. And the earth just keeps on spinning. Year after year. Decade after decade. Century after century.

Just as the new Pharaoh of Egypt didn’t know about Joseph (vs.8), good people – amazing people – are forgotten all the time. And the earth just keeps on spinning.

So here’s the thing. The latest headlines and the latest scandals will soon be forgotten. The things that seem so big…so daunting…are nothing more than tiny grains of sand in a vast ocean. But God is building a glorious sand castle. He takes every heartache and every good deed, and uses it to build his kingdom.

Though men forget, God never will. And he loves us more than we can possibly imagine. As long as we’re on earth, bad stuff will happen and bad people will succeed. There’s no getting around it. But when we hold to an eternal perspective – knowing that God has a perfect plan for every “grain of sand” – we will have peace and hope. Thank you, Jesus!