Genesis 48-49

It’s inspiring to witness the corner Jacob turns in his relationship with God. For most of his life, he is a master manipulator and deceiver. And he lives in overwhelming fear.

When Jacob takes an oath with his father-in-law, to live in peace with him and to honor his daughters, he pledges in the name of the God of Abraham and the God of Nahor; and the Fear of his father Isaac. Not his God. Not the God. But the God of others.

But here in Genesis Forty Nine, in his last hours, he refers to God as the Mighty one of Jacob…the Shepherd…the Rock of Israel. (vs.24)  He reminds Joseph that it is his father’s God – Jacob’s God – the Almighty, who blesses him. (vs.25)

What a difference. No longer was God the symbol of his father’s and grandfather’s religion. No. He was Jacob’s own. His guiding Shepherd. His Rock. His Almighty.

This is what I pray for our adult kids. I want them to see God in me, of course. And to know without a doubt that he is my Rock. But there is so much more. God is so much more.

God, I don’t want our kids to see you as something they inherit, like a worn-out quilt. But to embrace you as their own. Be their Shepherd. Be their Almighty. So they may experience the richness and security of your blessing in their lives. Just as Jacob did. And just as Joseph.