Genesis 37:1-36

Okay honestly. Can you just imagine the looks on his brothers’ faces as Joseph suggests they bow down to him someday? Oh my. And not once….but twice. As I read this, I feel an insatiable desire to put my hand over his mouth. Please. Stop. Talking.

Now in all fairness, Joseph is accustom to being the favorite and is clearly indulged. So it’s easy to believe that he is completely oblivious to how sharing his dreams with his brothers might provoke jealousy and anger.

But the problem isn’t his dreams. In fact, they are an honest glimpse into God’s plan for his future. No. The problem isn’t the dreams. It’s his mouth.

The power of words. And the wisdom of silence.

How might Joseph’s story be different, had he chosen to store up God’s vision in his heart instead of spewing it to his brothers? Who knows. It wouldn’t have changed God’s ultimate plan, but perhaps the road would have been less broken.

How many times do I speak when I should be silent? How many times am I oblivious to how my words impact others? How many times does God want to put his hand over my mouth and say, please…stop…talking!

Genesis Thirty Seven is such a great reminder to be mindful of what I say. There’s a time to speak and a time to be silent. God, show me. Give me discernment. Help me to say only what is helpful for building others up and to stay silent when my words might be arrogant or insensitive or rude. And just like Joseph, use the pain of my blunders to shape me into the person you want me to be…and to make me wise.