Genesis 30: 1-43

It’s like an Old Testament version of Desperate Housewives. Nobody is content. Everybody wants what someone else has. Plotting. Pouting. Ultimatums.


The first part of Genesis Thirty is a race for children. Not a charity event….a desperate scramble to supply the most sons to Jacob, and thereby gain great favor and great status. Their childbearing “abilities” define them, and it’s pregnancy palooza.

How ridiculous. They are so focused on status…parental reputation…having the best

Oh wait.

That’s familiar. Only today, it’s a race to the best house, the best body, children with the best sports stats, the best vehicles, the best countertop and subway backsplash.

It’s so easy to see the unrest in Leah and Rebekah. It’s easy feel their souls spinning. And to pity them. If only they would take a long, deep breath and allow their souls to rest in the knowledge that God is near…and that everything else is needlessly exhausting.

Yup. Me too.

Today God, right now, help me take a deep breath and turn my eyes upon you. Not worldly status or superficial things. But on you…with me…in this moment. When I’m spinning, I’m not trusting. Slow my spinning soul and show me where I’m needlessly creating chaos. You control the future. You direct my path. As I trust in you and walk in your ways, your perfect plan will unfold. Panic will find peace. Envy will find contentment. And my soul will find rest.

Need some help “resting” today? This hymn mashup by Anthem Lights is a fabulous way to start.