Genesis 23:1-20

This makes me sad. Though it’s sad to see Abraham weeping over Sarah, there is a sadness here that goes beyond grief.

It’s like I’ve been cheering Abraham and Sarah on…page after page. Wanting them to truly believe what we already know. God will make their descendants a great nation. Abraham’s name will be famous, all people on earth will be blessed through him, and his descendants will inherit much land. (Genesis 12 and 15)

But here he is. Old. His wife is dead. He has only two sons; the one he and Sarah contrived (Ishmael) and the one God delivered (Isaac). That’s it. No great nation. No fame. No land. No worldwide blessing. Just an old widower, living in a tent, with nowhere to bury his wife. His wife’s life is over and his end has to be close.

What a feeling it must have been. He proved he loved God and that he was devoted to him, but surely he struggled to understand God’s Word…His promises.

The only reason we really understand Abraham’s legacy is because today we know that it was his descendants who gave us Jesus…our Savior.

God’s timeline mystifies me. I think in days, weeks and years. He thinks in centuries, millennia, and infinity. My mind can’t grasp it and surely Abraham’s couldn’t either.

Give me a heart to accept what I cannot see, God. And keep my hope firm in the knowledge that – even though I am a small piece in an infinite puzzle – that I matter to you more than I can imagine…and that you are working things out for my good even when the evidence is faint.