Genesis 21:1-34

So Abraham was about 75 when God first told him that a son coming from his own body would be his heir (Genesis 15). About 10 years later, Sarah helps God along by asking Abraham to sleep with her servant, Hagar…and Ishmael is born. And about another 15 years go by before Isaac is born.

I get impatient if I have to wait in the express lane at Walmart. Our culture is all about NOW. It takes about a minute to get a hot meal from a drive-thru. In a matter of seconds, I can be enjoying a video call with our deployed son – thousands of miles and an ocean away. Couples only have to wait a few days to get accurate home pregnancy test results, and no longer have to wait until a baby’s born to know if it is a boy, or girl, or twins. I mean, we even know instantly what dumb thing a political candidate said or did, somewhere across the country.

I’m terrible at waiting. (and so were Sarah and Abraham) Even though I sincerely believe that God is able to provide anything I ask for, I also know that he may have a different plan in mind. And so the war begins. I pray for something. But maybe God doesn’t want me to have/do it. Well, maybe he does. Well, maybe he doesn’t. Okay, I’ll just pray again. But does he want to give it to me? I’m not sure. Okay, I’ll pray again. I mean really…it’s exhausting. And ridiculous.

Do I trust him or don’t I? When I’m only focused on my agenda – on the agenda that makes sense to me – that’s when I get impatient. But how sweet it must have been for Sarah and Abraham to hold God’s long-awaited promise in their arms. God did it…in his own time…and his own way. That is what I’m convicted to pray for today…

God, fulfill my heart’s desire in YOUR own time, and in YOUR own way.

And may it be said of me, as it was said of Sarah: Now the Lord was gracious and he did what he had promised. (vs.1)