Genesis 18:1-33

Isn’t it great when unexpected guests arrive? Quick! Wash the dishes, make food, clear off the couch, hide the stacks of paper! When our kids still lived at home, it was their least favorite event. (Now that I think of it, it’s probably still my husband’s least favorite event!)

Genesis Eighteen doesn’t say anything about dishes or the couch or hiding the junk, but if Abraham and Sarah are anything like us….it happened. The urgency shown here is great. In fact, Abraham seems almost panicked to make their guests feel welcomed, comfortable and cared for. What a great picture of hospitality.

There seem to be a few theories about who these strangers really were: Three angels. God in the flesh with two angels. The Trinity (God, Son, Holy Spirit) in the flesh. In the end, the exact identity is irrelevant. Isn’t it? At the very least, God was using others to speak to Abraham and Sarah. At most, Abraham and Sarah were in God’s presence…hearing Truth directly from him. Either way, it’s exactly how God still speaks to us today. 

There are times when I am absolutely inspired (or convicted) through the message of other people – pastors, strangers, family members, friends. And there are times when I’m all alone with my Bible, wrapped in a comfy chair, and the Holy Spirit speaks Truth directly to my heart.

We just have to have hospitable hearts. Am I urgent to make God feel welcome? Am I preparing my heart, mind and soul to hear from him? Do my actions show him that I love him and that I want to spend time with him…that I want to be in his presence?

I’m so convicted today. God, help me to keep my heart ready and open to hear what you have to say…even when I least expect it.