Genesis 17: 1-27

Maybe it’s my odd sense of humor, but…really? Abraham laughed about becoming a father and not about circumcising himself. Huh. I mean, he’s nearly one hundred, with no access to anesthesia. And if he did question or protest this new requirement, it’s not mentioned in Genesis Seventeen. It’s just a bit funny to me.

Anyway, when God tells Abraham (again) that Sarah is going to bear a baby and that she will become the mother of nations, he laughs and suggests that God consider shifting his covenant to Ishmael. This makes so much more sense to his hundred-year-old, human mind.

Abraham lived 175 years. So, my unscientific conclusion is that (in today’s terms) it would be like becoming a father at about fifty. Not front page news. It was probably more the combination of his late age and the decades of heartbreak he and Sarah experienced being unable to conceive. We can become conditioned to a pattern of defeat, not expecting anything to change and feeling irritated if someone dares to suggest that it could.

I imagine that’s why Abraham and Sarah laughed. It was an absurd thought that she would be able to conceive at all; let alone at her age.

But we serve an absurd God. He is fully able to do what we cannot conceive. It doesn’t matter what big thing we long for, it’s okay to keep hoping and asking, with a humble heart. I don’t understand why certain things come so easy for some and not for others. We’ll never understand it, because it’s not for us to understand. But God understands, and he has the power to change our circumstance…in his time and when it fits into his eternal timeline.

Ours is to keep hoping with a humble heart. His is to fulfill.