Genesis 16:1-16

Sarai was not crazy, or bad, or anti-God. She was just a control enthusiast, helping God out.

Genesis Sixteen makes me believe that Sarai was sincerely searching for God’s Will; not trying to undermine it. And because we know the end of the story, it’s tempting to be appalled by what she did. Didn’t she believe that God would give her a baby of her own? Didn’t she know that she would have a son who would produce a family tree, leading to the Messiah? Didn’t she know that the “love triangle” she chose to create would cause hardship for her lifetime and a legacy of war that we are still fighting today? No. Of course she didn’t, or she wouldn’t have done what she did.

Just like she didn’t know the future…neither do we. Just like she used logical human reasoning to make sense of God’s ways…so have we. Just like she made a really bad choice, arguably for the right reasons…we do too. Just like she surely wished to turn back the clock…so do we.

Her decision to take matters into her own hands, instead of waiting on God, caused brokenness in her marriage, in her home, and in her soul.

Protect me from this, God. As I make decisions for myself and my family, give me the wisdom of patience and the spiritual strength to Trust YOU more than my own ability to manipulate circumstances for temporary gain. Your ways, and your timing, may not fit into my plan, but they will always be worth the wait.