Genesis 15:1-20

Why do we tell someone not to be afraid? Because they’re afraid! Abram was obviously dealing with fear, following the war of the nine kings. In today’s terms, things “just got real.”

I love the humanity in Genesis Fifteen. Fear. Desiring more. And the faith-doubt-faith continuum.

Abram was trying to make sense of God’s promise, based on his human view of things. How can my descendants inherit anything when I don’t have descendants? Valid question.

He goes from believing the Lord and being called righteous, to (one verse later) asking, “how can I know?” Isn’t it how we are! Sunday morning we’re praising Jesus and ready to tackle the world. Monday afternoon we’re fearing…coveting…doubting.

But here’s the great thing. Abram was no less precious to God because he questioned the plan. Abram’s fear didn’t change God, and his questions didn’t offend him.

Instead, God gave Abram a glimpse of the big picture. Abram (even in his doubt) was obedient and offered sacrifices. He walked in the Truth, not in emotion. And God rewarded him.

Genesis Fifteen reminds me that doubts and hardships are inevitable, but that God is faithful. In Abram’s dream, God foretold of the 400 years of Hebrew captivity in Egypt. 400 years of slavery! But he also shows Abram how the big picture of how his promise will be fulfilled…in His time: offspring as numerous as the stars, living freely in a spacious land flowing with milk and honey and having great possessions.

We want what we want…now. We are so impatient. We see the future as a year from now; God sees infinity.

God, show me when I’m allowing emotions and the human-view of things to cause fear, doubt, and discontent. Help me to trust your Truth and to walk in it, in obedience.