Genesis 12:1-20

I wish we could have glimpsed the conversation that took place when Abram told Sarai that they were leaving their country, their people, and their extended family. But the text just zips along: God told him to do it. And they did it. Was it really as simple as it sounds? Sometimes I’d like to have the reality T.V. version.

And just when I was wishing for it….verses 11 and 12 come along. Abram was afraid, so he and his wife concoct a plan. Sarai was actually his half-sister, but his wife first and foremost. So the story they cook-up to tell their new neighbors is a half-truth at best, and certainly meant to deceive…which is the very definition of a lie.

Our human hearts have such a dominating desire for self-preservation. Just like Abram, we instinctively manipulate circumstances to meet our own needs and preserve ourselves. And it seems to work for Abram. The Egyptians fall right in line with their scheme and Abram is treated like royalty. Until he’s not.

Even though his lie successfully saves his life (which was the ultimate goal), his credibility is destroyed.

Either God’s in charge or he’s not. I think, in my own case, it’s easy to believe that God is in charge and has the power to enforce whatever plan he wishes. The source of my doubt and fear (and therefore, my desire to manipulate circumstances) isn’t in questioning God’s ability. It’s is questioning whether his plan aligns with mine.

My view from the dot on my eternal timeline is so limited. Every time I rely on my perspective, it causes doubt and fear. Every time I rely on God’s infinite perspective, I find peace and hope.

Today may not go as I want it to, but as I trust God’s heart and his plan, I find strength to live honorably…regardless of the outcome.