Genesis 11:1-32

And so the need for language-learning programs is born.

God saw that men were focusing their time and energy exalting themselves, and seeking recognition from others, rather than serving him. And he saw the power (and potential danger) in their synergized efforts.

It’s so much fun to work with a team to accomplish a goal. But Genesis Eleven makes me check myself. Are any of my team-efforts counterproductive to God’s purpose? I mean, even in my marriage. Are we working together toward goals that exalt ourselves and seek recognition from others, or are we working together to serve and exalt God. When I think about the amount of time and energy we spend on landscaping, decorating the house, vacations, DIY projects…wow.

Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong – or anti-God – about making our house a home, taking vacations away from the daily rat race, or even being creative with home projects. It’s all about motive.

In Genesis Eleven, the purpose was to make a name for themselves. (vs. 4) So the million dollar question is: am I decorating my house, working in the yard, going on vacations, and doing projects so that other people will notice? Am I Babel-ing? Or am I doing it for a greater purpose?  It’s really something to think about.