Genesis 6:1-22

…every inclination of thought of the human heart was only evil all the time. (vs. 5) And God’s heart was filled with pain. (vs. 6) Today’s version is translated that God’s heart was “deeply troubled,” but I think the words of my 1986 version show more desperation. Just my opinion. Regardless of synonyms, the human race was breaking God’s heart.

Only evil, all the time. It truly seems like the same could be said of our world today. Pornography, violence, corruption, promiscuity, disregard for rules and authorities of all sorts (from parents to the Constitution), attacks on Christians and Christianity…and so much hate.

I think the relevant message of Genesis Six is simple. Sin devastates God. I get so caught up in the color of my walls, the car I drive, and what’s for dinner. But am I caught up in pleasing God? If he roamed the earth today, looking for a moral, honorable person, would I find favor in his eyes…as Noah did?

Make me righteous among the people of my time, God, walking with you every day. (vs. 9) Make me worthy of your favor, through the saving power of your Son. Thank you that your compassion never fails, that it is new new every morning and that you are willfully faithful.

“Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” (vs. 22)

May it be true of me…of us. Forgive us, God, and draw our world back to you.

SIDE NOTE: Here’s something new. Nephilim. Genesis Six refers to them as “heroes of old, men of renown.”  (vs. 4) I’ve never noticed this in the story of Noah before, so I did a little digging. It seems that Nephilim (a Hebrew word which translates the fallen in English) may have referred to fallen angels who were marrying and having children with the “daughters of eve” (humans). Who knew.